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Approachable Corpus Christi, Texas Divorce Lawyer

Divorce proceedings require decisions about children and property. Kelly Koch encourages clients to use settlement negotiations and mediation to reach these decisions. Both forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) allow you to have control over the decisions made which will affect your future. Courts often don’t allow parties time to fully present their case, and usually apply the standard possession order to most cases. Settlement conferences and mediation allow clients to be involved in developing a creative solution to fit the unique requirements in their case. This is especially helpful for shift workers and active parents. If that approach is not appropriate or not successful, Kelly Koch will vigorously protect her clients’ rights in court.

If you are considering filing for a divorce, or your spouse has already filed, call the Law Office of Kelly Koch at 361-882-8000 to schedule a consultation. You may also fill out a contact form and someone from our firm will be in touch with you shortly.

An Experienced Divorce Attorney on Your Side

Kelly Koch has been a divorce attorney since 1989. Her extensive experience allows her to address clients’ needs. Our firm will guide you through the divorce process, which includes the following:

  • Property Division – Texas is a community property state where all property that was acquired during the marriage must be divided. Gifts, inheritance and recovery for personal injury claims are excluded from community property. The division will consider the length of the marriage and the just and right division based on the needs of you and your children. The judge does not know your family-therefore it can be empowering to determine property division outside the courtroom. Of course, Kelly Koch will help you evaluate any claims for reimbursement or economic contribution as well.

  • Child Custody – Parents can create their own child custody and visitation plan that meets the specific needs of their family. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, both parents have the same rights and duties regarding their children. Visitation and support issues are the most challenging. Our firm can help you reach agreements regarding your parenting plan that will be acceptable to the courts.
    Visitation – Most parenting plans include a provision which allows each parent to spend time with the child. The courts will get involved when the parents cannot agree on a visitation plan, and impose the Standard Possession Order in most cases.

  • Child Support – Child support payments are based on a percentage of the payor’s net resources and the number of children. Judges will use a statutory formula for determining support however, other factors may apply, so that determinations can be reached creatively outside of court.
    Alimony/Spousal Support – Spousal support can be awarded on a temporary (spousal support) or permanent (spousal maintenance) basis. Many factors are involved in determining eligibility. We can discuss with you whether it is appropriate you or your spouse.

Contact the Law Office of Kelly Koch today to schedule your consultation.
Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., with evening and weekend consultations available by appointment.

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