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A Paternity Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

Paternity cases often involve fathers’ rights. If the paternity of a child is in question, it is important not to delay genetic testing. There is a four year statute of limitations on paternity cases. Once a mother names a man and establishes court-ordered child support, the father is obligated to pay. You should only have to support a child that is yours, and you should be awarded your paternal rights, including visitation. Our office can help to establish your rights as well as the accurate child support amount. Especially since failure to pay child support can result in many penalties including:

  • Loss of driver’s license

  • Loss of professional license

  • Liens on bank accounts

  • Interception of tax refunds

  • Jail time

When the child is your child, it is important to get legal help to establish visitation and custody arrangements. Kelly Koch has extensive experience advocating for father’s rights when the mother has gone to the Office of the Attorney General.

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