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Child Custody, Visitation and Relocation

In most cases, both competent parents have equal rights, duties and powers with regard to the health, education, and general welfare of their child or children. However, the child typically lives with one parent, who is called the primary joint managing conservator. The non-custodial parent is still a joint managing conservator. The most common issues to resolve is where the children will reside and how often the non possessory parent will be with them. Kelly will explain in detail the Standard Possession Order, Extended Standard Possession Order and Child Support Guidelines. She will discuss your case in length to determine if your situation is typical, or if your case requires special consideration.

If the parties to a divorce work out these details, the courts will usually accept their parenting plan. If the parents can’t agree, the dreaded custody litigation begins.

In some cases a divorce decree may restrict a parent to a specific geographic area. The parent seeking to move outside of the court imposed area may do so if both parents agree in writing. If not, a court order is required. We have helped clients get court permission to move as well as successfully represented parents who didn’t want their children to move away. Regardless, consequences for not following the correct protocol include fines and even the loss of custody. Kelly Koch can help guide you through this complicated process.

Overall, facing a divorce with children involved is about as stressful a situation as you’ll ever face. Don’t allow your emotions to cloud your judgment. Contact the Law Office of Kelly Koch today to learn about all of your child-related rights and begin the process of protecting your role in their lives in the future.

Please contact our office to see how we can assist you. Learn more about our Areas of Practice.

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