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After settling or resolving child custody issues, the next subject to address is child support payments. In most cases, child support matters can be complicated, difficult, and even stressful. However, with a skilled and experienced child support attorney, you will get help with this complex issue.

At the Law Office of Kelly Koch, we are experts in dealing with child support obligations in Corpus Christi, TX. Under the direction of Kelly Koch, an experienced family law attorney who has worked in this field since 1989, we are the best people to help you figure out how much child support you should pay. We can also help you enforce your child support orders, finalize the court’s decision, fight your ex-partner’s request for a change, or request a change.

Our Children Support Legal Services in Corpus Christi, TX

As a custodial parent, you might have to pay for things like food, uniforms, clothing, health care, school tuition, daycare or babysitter costs, transportation, and more.

At the Law Office of Kelly Koch, we offer the following child support legal services in Corpus Christi, TX:

Child Support Modification

We will analyze the law and your situation, including all expenses. A child modification may be necessary for the circumstances, such as a job loss or serious illness. You may need to decrease or increase the amount you want to allocate to paying child support. You need to deal with modifications in your child support sooner rather than later because child support payments can be retroactive and have no reimbursements. In Texas, you need to follow specific child support guidelines; however, if you and your partner have mutually agreed, you may not need to follow these guidelines. Whether or not the court hears your reasons or arguments for a change, we will support you, help you understand your rights and responsibilities, and stand by your side.

Enforcing child support payments

There are several consequences that you might suffer for failing to pay child support, including negatively affecting your freedom, your driving privileges, your ability to travel out of state or country, and even your credit history. Child support orders should never be ignored, and if you have been served with one, we can help you deal with it. Also, child support lawyers can help you locate your spouse if he or she has failed to honor the child support order by paying child support through agencies and the use of modern technology. We will offer you personalized representation and make sure you receive all the financial support you need if you owe child support.

How Child Support Is Enforced

Unfortunately, some parents choose to ignore, avoid, or refuse to pay child support. Custodial parents can get help from their child support attorneys in enforcing payments to cater to their children’s needs. If you wish to enforce child support, there are different options you can choose to follow. They include:

1. Open a child support case by filing it officially with the help of an attorney.

2. We can help with your child support enforcement and seek assistance in the office of the attorney general in Texas, where the Child Support Division will facilitate the enforcement in the following ways:

  • Passport Denial: A noncustodial ex-partner will be denied a renewed or new passport.
  • Liens: a lien can be filed on life insurance plans, retirement plans, insurance awards or settlements, bank accounts, properties, or other assets owned by the noncustodial parent who failed to pay child support.
  • License suspension: there are over 60 licensing agencies that work with the Texas office of the attorney general. The office can request the agencies suspend the hunting, fishing, driver’s, and professional licenses of the noncustodial parent.


Benefits Of Hiring Our Child Support Legal Services In Corpus Christi, TX

Hiring the Law Office of Kelly Koch for legal representation on all your child support issues has numerous benefits. They include:


In Texas, child support cases can be difficult, especially in understanding the processes and procedures of the actions involved in child support and family law issues. Also, child support can be confusing and cause emotional strain.

We will represent you well in all your child support matters as well as family law matters. We will help resolve your child support issues amicably and peacefully. Also, an experienced child support attorney will ensure all your financial or income information is accurate and properly reflected before filing.

Our experienced attorney will ensure that all your legal documents associated with your child support case are filled out correctly. For instance, we will help you ensure your financial documents are accurate to correctly determine the amount you should pay for child support. Also, to avoid going back to court and incurring other unnecessary costs, we will ensure all your documents are filled out on time and appropriately.

Lack of knowledge and experience may make you spend more money paying for your child’s support. We will calculate a fair monthly child support payment. Also, if you’re divorcing your partner, we can help with alimony. We can help you remain financially stable now and in the future while ensuring your children get all the financial support they need.

An experienced attorney from our law firm will strongly advocate for your rights and ensure all your child support concerns and needs are well taken care of, including medical insurance coverage and daycare needs. Also, if you owe back child support payments, we’ll make sure that all the money you’ve paid is added to your case.

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At the Law Office of Kelly Koch, we are the right partners to deal with your child support case in Corpus Christi, TX. Ms. Koch has the right experience and is always committed to ensuring our legal representation is productive and satisfactory for all our clients.

We understand the emotional stress that some of our clients may face in child support cases; we will guide you and make sure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. Contact us right away if you need a good lawyer to help you with your child support case in Corpus Christi, Texas.