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Family law cases are highly sensitive. Although this may drive both sides to negotiate to establish a solution that is advantageous to all parties, it also has the potential to produce escalating tension that leads to a bitter court struggle. Having a competent attorney on your side is essential, whether you anticipate a friendly resolution or are prepared to battle for your rights.

Why Choose Kelly Koch?

Our law firm is completely committed to helping each of our clients get the best possible outcome for their cases. Because we are aware that each case calls for meticulous attention to detail and in-depth analysis, we make ourselves accessible around the clock. Our team of highly qualified lawyers invests significant time and effort into thoroughly researching each case. They will personally manage all of the cases that our office takes on, and are invested in the health and happiness of our customers.

Whether you are going through a divorce and want a divorce attorney, a dispute over child custody or child support, an issue with estate planning, or the adoption of a child, it is our mission to assist you in finding a way to go on with your life and start fresh.


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Child Custody, Visitation

In most cases, both competent parents have equal rights, duties and powers with regard to the health, education, and general welfare of their child or children.


The Law Office of Kelly Koch provides comprehensive help to people who are interested in creating a family through adoption.
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Divorce proceedings require important decisions about children and property. Kelly Koch encourages clients to use settlement negotiations and mediation to reach these decisions.
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Child Support

Child support payments are based on a percentage of the parent’s income and the number of children.
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Name Changes

A name change is common for men and women who wish to change their or their child’s name.
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Paternity cases often involve fathers’ rights. If the paternity of a child is in question, it is important not to delay genetic testing.

Post-Divorce Modifications

Since life is unpredictable, the need may arise to alter the previously decided child related matters. Child related matters can fluctuate as time passes.
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Property Division

Texas is considered a “Community Property” state, meaning all community property belongs equally to both spouses. Community property is defined as all property and debt that was acquired during the marriage.


Amidst shifting social norms, same-sex marriages and consequent divorces have become increasingly commonplace in the US. For LGBTQ+ couples who are considering splitting up, unique challenges can arise that require special consideration and expertise to navigate successfully.

We provide clients with compassionate support

Nobody plans to get divorced, and the process of getting divorced may drag on for a very long time until it is finalized. In addition, the process of divorce often results in high emotions as well as severe expenses, which further contribute to the emotional upheaval that is caused by parting from one’s spouse. An experienced Corpus Christi family lawyer who is well-versed in Texas divorce laws will put you at ease and relieve the weight of the additional stress.

Our Attorney Puts Your Family First

It may be a very difficult process to negotiate a child support arrangement with your ex-spouse that is both fair and reasonable. Cases like this tend to be unpleasant and emotionally charged. With over 14 years of expertise, our Corpus Christi child support attorneys have helped clients through many divorces, custody cases, and other family law matters in Texas.

At the Law Office of Kelly Koch, the team of family law specialists is dedicated to putting your needs and those of your children first and doing what is in everyone’s best interest.