Divorce lawyer in Corpus Christi, TX

If you’re considering filing for divorce, it’s safe to assume you have a lot going through your head right now. It is possible that the first step in determining what is in your best interests is to locate the ideal Texas divorce attorney for your case. You might be able to lessen your worry by learning the legal criteria to file as well as what you are likely to confront in court. You might also be able to depend on an experienced attorney who is familiar with the way these cases are handled.

The process of getting a divorce is difficult and unpleasant. Even in situations where both partners wish to end the marriage, it may still seem hard to come to an amicable arrangement. Our Corpus Christi family lawyers can assist you in navigating this challenging procedure and will be there for you at every stage of the journey. We believe that everyone should have access to sympathetic and devoted legal counsel. The Law Office of Kelly Koch is here to assist you whenever you find yourself in a situation in which you need someone to be on your side.


We provide clients with compassionate support.

Nobody plans to get divorced, and the process of getting divorced may drag on for a very long time until it is finally settled. In addition, the process of divorce often results in high emotions as well as severe expenses, which further contribute to the emotional upheaval that is caused by parting from one’s spouse. Dealing with all of the additional stress may be challenging, but an experienced family lawyer in Corpus Christi who is aware of the rules of divorce in Texas can make you feel more secure and can lessen the load you are carrying.

Divorces can be a fight, especially when it comes to alimony, child support, paternity issues, visitation rights, and who gets to keep the kids.

Since 1989, the Law Office of Kelly Koch has been representing clients in all aspects of the divorce process. As a result, we are eager to put our expertise to work for you in any way that we can. There are a lot of different complicated aspects to think about, and we make it a priority to offer our customers the individualized legal assistance they need.

Is hiring a lawyer for divorce mandated by law in Texas?

You are not required by any statute to work with a divorce attorney in the stages leading up to the filing of a divorce petition. However, it is strongly recommended that you speak with a family attorney so that decisions are made with your best interests in mind and so that your choices may be outlined. It is easy to get disoriented by the many regulations that govern divorce if one does not have prior knowledge of the legal system. Additional arguments in favor of retaining legal representation throughout your divorce include the following:

What is the Legal Process for Dividing
Property After a Divorce?

Because Texas is a community property state, a court will be able to divide community property in any manner that they believe to be “fair and just.” When deciding how to divide property in family law issues like a divorce, the court will take into account several criteria, including who was at fault in the breakup and how much each party may earn. Therefore, you must consult with a family law attorney who is licensed to practice in Corpus Christi, Texas, and who is experienced in handling divorce matters.

The Law Office of Kelly Koch Provides Excellent Legal Presentations

It is important to be well-prepared for divorce procedures, with all of the necessary paperwork and information to preserve your rights and get the best possible result. Our law firm, Kelly Koch, is familiar with all of the considerations that are given by the courts when it comes to family law cases like divorce cases, and we can assist you with preparing and submitting all of the essential information and documentation. Our Corpus Christi divorce lawyers are ready to answer any of your concerns about the divorce process in Texas.

What Role Does Legal Separation Play in a Divorce Case?

In a family law case, some couples may determine that they can live peacefully in the marital home even if they choose not to legally end their marriage. On the other hand, these parties can want to split on legal grounds. In a family law matter, the notion of “legal separation” might be thought of as being midway between marriage and divorce. Legal separation is not recognized in the state of Texas.

This indicates that all residents of Texas are either married or separated from their spouses. While Texas does not have any laws that address legal separation between parents of young children, it does have rules that allow parents to obtain court orders affecting their children even if they are not divorced. Concerns including child visitation, child support payments, and parental rights and responsibilities might fall under this category. Keep in mind that just because the parents are no longer living together does not imply they are free to remarry if their separation is not recognized by the courts. This also means that the couple won’t have gotten any answers about their property or debt.

You may think your case is done when you leave the courtroom with a divorce judgment in hand, but it is not. This is because a child support withholding order, a QDRO for dividing retirement savings, a deed for dividing real estate, a power of attorney for transferring automobiles, and other closing papers may all be required to finalize a divorce. You should also consult your divorce attorney regarding the possibility of modifying a current divorce decree or be ready to do so if requested in the future.