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Modifications & Enforcement Actions

Since life is unpredictable, the need may arise to alter the previously decided child related matters. Child related matters can fluctuate as time passes. A substantial change in the income of one party, the relocation of a parent or a child expressing interest to live with the other parent may necessitate a modification of the parenting plan. These changes may call for an increase or decrease in child support, a change of custody or revision of the terms of visitation arrangements.

Enforcement may be necessary when a party is not complying with the order. This could arise in non-delivery of previously awarded property or payment of debt, child support payments or visitation. At the Law Office of Kelly Koch, we put our experience to work for people in modification and enforcement proceedings.

To discuss your questions regarding modification or enforcement with a lawyer call the Law Office of Kelly Koch at (361) 882-8000 to schedule your consultation. You can also fill out a contact form and someone from our firm will be in touch with you soon.

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